IG XI 4 1065: Arbitration of Dispute between Paros and Naxos

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Modern Publication(s): CIG 2265 (editio princeps); Marshall I; Hicks 4 (Hicks does not describe frg. A); IG XII 5 128; IG XII 5 p.308, add. to no.128; IG XI 4 1065; SEG xiii 444

Brief description: Eretrian arbitration between Paros and Naxos.


Inscription Type: Inscribed arbitration

Object Type: Stele

Material: White marble

Original Location: Delos

Provenance: Delos

Date: c.200 BC

Dimensions: H. 0.813 m; W. 0.349 m (Leeds)

Layout: Thirty lines of text

Writing: Inscribed

Condition: This is the lower part (fragment B) of the inscribed arbitration. It is complete at bottom and right-hand; broken at the top and on left. (Hicks)

Decoration: None.


Location: Fragment [B]: Leeds City Museum. In 1890, Hicks notes that this was 'let into the wall of the Museum.' (Hicks); the inscription is currently (2014) on display in the Ancient Worlds gallery.

Fragment [A]: ?

Collector(s): Part of a collection purchased by Mr Benjamin Gott and Mr Rawson when travelling from Smyrna through the islands to Athens in 1815. Gott died of a fever at Piraeus, and the marbles then passed to Mr Rawson. They were kept at Rawson’s house in Halifax for several years, during which time six of the inscriptions were copied and sent to Böckh for inclusion in CIG. On Rawson’s death in 1845 or 1846, Mr Rawson’s brother, Mr S. Rawson, sold the marbles to Mr William Gott (brother of B. Gott). W. Gott then passed the marbles to his son, Rev. Dr. John Gott, who presented them with a few exceptions (Nos. 1-6, Hicks) to the Museum at Leeds. (Hicks)

Date collected: Collected by Rawson in 1815.

Accession or catalogue number: LEEDM.D.1967.1234


Just as for the judges of the Eretrians, it was resolved also by the delegates dispatched from the Parians and from the Naxians, concerning those things about which the Parians went to law against the Naxians. There is to be no longer any lawsuit for an individual arising out of the charges that arose previously or the wrongs committed against the cities. There is no longer to be any lawsuit against the city of the Naxians brought by the city of the Parians, nor by the city of the Naxians against that of the Parians. There is to be neither any debt nor any charge nor any wrong for any individual against the cities, nor any charge against an individual arising out of the previously existing charges or acts of wrong by him in relation to them. Besides, the lawcourt of the Eretrians commands the city of the Parians to sacrifice a cow to the value that is written up on this document, and the Parians are to bring the sacrifice to Dionysos on Naxos, and the perquisite of the cow is …. whichever of the cities or individuals does something against this verdict, let it pay a fine … if a city commits the transgression, let it pay a penalty of twenty talents; if it is an individual, five talents. So that …. The arbitration that has come about from the …. On the (?) of the month Hippion waning at the time when, as the Eretrians hold, the generals were those with Archebios, as the Naxians hold during the priesthood of Dionysos of Philokritos the son of …., during the month of…; as the Parians hold during the archonship of Thou-…. during the month of Plynterion. The probouloi and the generals of the Eretrians are to both write up this verdict among themselves at the public archive and they are to send it to the cities sealed with the public seal. And the delegates of each of the cities is to take care of this verdict.


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